Handguns are not the easiest product to display, wooden dowels,. Shotgun Shells or just lying flat on the shelf of your firearm display case. These Kickstands and Clip Stands are perfect solution for setting your pistol’s and revolvers up in a brilliant and orderly display that shows your customer you care about the workmanship of the product you are selling.

Each of our featured gun stands are simple in design and are USA made of bendable steel to fit any size handgun. (.22 caliber on up) The simple design serves a dual purpose, ensuring that the stands will fit nicely into virtually any decor style, while also possessing a simple enough look that it does not detract away from the beauty of the handgun you display on your shelves.

They are available in free standing or clip on varieties, and can be intermixed to fit you shelf displays so that no matter what size pistol wish to display, on either the top, bottom or middle shelf there is a hand gun stand display device right for your store.

So don’t just let your product get banged or scratched laying on a shelf.  Show your customers that you understand the workmanship and beauty of a brand new handgun and want you customer to have a perfectly unblemished product. Check us out at GunSelf.com and look at out firearm display stands.


Gun Display Case Stands for Handguns Display Case

The Kickstands (bottom) and Clip Stands (on the glass shelves) not only protect your customers purchase from scratches and dings, but it allows you to put more guns on display due to a smaller footprint on the shelves.     We have just added a new product not pictured here called Front Kicks. A Clip Stand that affixes to the front of th the shelf.

New Product just added!

Front Clip for Gun shelf

Front Clip for Handguns Display Case using the front of the Glass Shelf









Gunshelf also has products for the home that will make better us of your shelf space in your gun safe.  Store you handguns on top of and the bottom of your shelves.


Store more handguns

Store your handguns on the top and bottom of your gun safe